Enlargeable water container as a feasible solution to improve the experience of women in Africa
In developing countries, water can be accepted as a determinant because the collection of it takes up too much time and effort in people’s daily routine. For years women have been responsible for collecting and using it in different ways so it can be said that water forms the societal importance of women gender in these countries. Women walk for long hours in order to reach the source, collect water and carry it back with heavy containers. This results in permanent damage to women’s health.
Their water containers are hard to carry and non-ergonomic. Excessive loads may result in some health problems such as back pain. They can't take care of their babies while carrying water with both hands. Water containers are not used for housework such as washing dishes and laundry.
Bellowater is an enlargeable helix structural water container with a belt designed to enhance the experience of collecting water from different sources and carrying it with different positions which make long-term transportation ergonomically easier and healthier. What I tried to reach with Bellowater is that to make life easier with considerable solutions for the existing water carrying alternatives.
My response can be perceived as conservative that I avoid excessive intervention and revolution but the reason behind is that keeping the balance of socially and biologically shaped human cycle which has both individual and communal effects.
work of deciding the helix structural, healthy, water repellent and durable material & structure of the main body is underway.
Flexible, helical PVC ventilation pipe is used as an enlargeable body. The cover is attached with hose clip.The polyester belt is attached to the cover. The replaceable tip is attached with ball valve mechanism.
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