Souvenir and promotion design including the new logo of Turkey 'Discover the Potential'
Turkey is a special country in which many different civilizations and cultural innovations located. ‘Censer’ is a new approach to the existing souvenirs which modernly interprets the new logo of Turkey; the country with unique, historical and cultural background and where east meets west perfectly. It includes basic motifs of the logo and is designed with the modern perspective towards the traditional censers. Censer radically changes the people’s expectations about souvenir and it is very coherent while promoting our country regarding Turkey’s properties.
Censer is 0,2 mm stainless steel sheet with holding marks and motifs. It has a portable craft package with size of 301x 131x 15mm. It's package includes 6 different essence from Turkey and essence nest. It also includes user manual, two tea lights and match box.
My aim was to design a product that reinterprets the historical censer in a modern way. Cultural, monochrome, geometrical patterns and turkish shadow puttery were my inspiration. 
The visual identity of Turkey was designed in 2014 by Saffron Design as an invitation to the world to discover the rich diversity of our country can offer.
Shelly is so excited because she bought 'censer' from Turkey when she was at the airport, on the way back to her country. She takes the sheet out of its package and reads the user manual to decide the best shape of her foldable censer. She prepares her censer by folding from the marks. She fits the tealight inside the censer and lights up the tealight with match. She fits the essence nest on the top of the censer. She sprays rose essence through the nest.
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